Georgiy Trubnikov





Translated from Russian by

Anthony de Meeus


St-Petersburg 1996





  I.        Russia, an ailing nation                                                                         


 II.                   Christian Russia                                                                                              


                        Russia's Christian predestination                                                              

                        Not a restoration, but a renaissance                                                   

                        Religion and politics                                                                              

                        The Christian attitude                                                                                    

                                    - towards human beings                                                             

                                    - towards the family                                                              

                                    - towards property                                                                                  

                                    - towards pluralism                                                                                 

                                    - towards the State                                                                           

                        The intelligentsia and Christianity                                                           

                        State and Christianity                                                                                   


III.                   Democratic Russia                                                                               


                        Recognising the achievements of the past decade                                   

                                    - within the space of a year                                                    

                                    - within a 10-year period                                                             

                        Eschewing democratic dogmatism                                                      

                        Overcoming pseudo-patriotism                                                                    

                        Towards the social market economy                                                         


 IV.      An age of enlightenment                                                              


                        A culture for a culture-less society                                                

                        Elitism in the education system                                                            

                        Atheism in the education system                                                            

                        Culture and development of the personality                                     


 V.                   Openness of Christian Democracy                                                     








A population with an inadequate conception of God

shall also have an inadequate State,

An inadequate Government, inadequate laws




"We are living in a sick society", "Russia is an ailing nation" - these assertions are being heard more and more often.


            However, hardly anyone has sought to make an diagnosis of the condition, as this would mean facing up to the fact that it is affecting not only, and not so much, the State and the economy, but the Russian people themselves. The adoration of the people as a form of idolatry is the key impediment to an honest and bold process of self-assessment.


            The pace of reforms, the performance of the new economic and political models and the progress achieved on the road to development - all of these factors are determined to a great extent by the state of the population itself, its mentality, its conscience. Neither the German model, nor the Swedish model, nor the Latin American model can be organically and integrally transposed into Russia. An honest assessment reveals a series of unattractive sides to the Russian character:


            - self-delusion and a refusal to repent

            - a tendency to blame outside forces for one's own misfortunes

            - a tendency to both kowtow to and despise authority

            - irrationalism as an alternative to culture

            - envy of the wealthy and equality proclaimed in poverty.


            By perpetrating for decades a veritable genocide of the people: through the physical destruction of the representatives of culture (the nobility), of spirituality (the priests), of the entrepreneurial spirit (the middle classes), of the work ethic (the well-to-do  peasant farmer) and of the intellectual spirit (scholars, writers), the contribution of the communist dictatorship to the construction of this mentality has been fundamental.


            However, the causes of all the ills suffered by Russia have much deeper roots.  The people destroyed religion by their own hands, and by the hands of their descendants, forgetful of their own roots, and this means the people's faith was fragile.

Russian society, and particularly the intelligentsia, began to reject religious belief already in the 19th century. Both the Revolution and the events it spawned were but a result of a spiritual crisis. As a result, all reform programs are doomed to failure unless they address the fundamental factor: the spiritual basis of society. As far as we are concerned, this basis is Christianity in all its moral and cultural dimensions and its religious depth.

            Today, at a time when Christianity has only just begun its process of renewal and democracy is only beginning to emerge,


we, Christian Democrats of Russia,

see our country in the Third millenium, as

Christian Russia and democratic Russia.


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